Bail Bonds Versus Full Bail: The Differences

Many people feel a huge sense of despair when they are confronted with the cost of getting out of jail. It usually costs at last $1,000 if not considerably more, even if the charge is something like a first time misdemeanor charge. The best way to deal with bail is often to work with a Reno NV bail bonds agent. By using a bail bond agent, it is possible to pay only a small portion of the bail amount. For example, a typical bail may be $5,000. When a person pays the full bail, they are out the entire amount. That money may be partially recovered in the future, once the court dates are all over and all court costs and fines have been paid.

With a bail bond agent, the person charged with a crime will only have to sign a contract that agrees to pay a small percentage of the whole bail. That percentage often amounts to 10 percent, or slightly more in certain cases like felony charge situations. In order to enter into a bail bond agreement, it is usually necessary for the person charged with a crime to prove that they are local to the community.

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ThisĀ Bail Bonds in Reno NV mean providing proof that they have a local residence as well as proof that they work locally. In some cases, it may be necessary to prove that the person charged with a crime has some type of major assets like property. However, this requirement is a fairly rare one and is usually invoked only in situations where the charges are very serious and the bail is very high.

One of the best ways to have a successful experience with a bail bond agent is to arrive at the jail prepared with all the information required. Usually, this will mean a driver’s license, proof that the person who is currently jailed lives locally, and the cash required for the bail bond. Some bail bond agents do accept credit cards or personal checks. Be sure to call and ask about this if cash is not available for the bail bond.